"being myself is a weakness,looking to myself is a shame,knowing myself is a failure.."


Saturday, 1 February 2014

...I'll find someone like u...

Hi everyone..

this time, i wud like to write my entry in English for other readers fr other races cud understand d content (if there are any..haha..i dun think there are..haha)..s/times people might not understnad my other posts including mlys since i used some jargon mly terms..hehee..

as usual, i will post my next episode of my life here..(of course la..this is my blog maa..hahaa)..

neway, i just re-online my PR since i didn't hear any news fr my 'spesel s/one'..huhuh..so,i kno one person there..hehe..(my notty tot was reactivated dat time..hehehe)..but d more i know n chat with him d more i know dat he is a nice person (even though he is notty s/times actually..hahaha)..

but bear in mind guys,i just happen to kno him only within 1 week time..hmm,who knows dat he might be some bad guys..hahahahha..kidding bro..haha..owh b4 forget, he is a Chinese guy..wow..hahaha..

i just remembered my experience having some r/ship with a chi guy b4..he was very nice to me n romantic too..:)..he picked me frm my house (since i was a studen who has no money or t/port dat time)...and sent me back to home...it was evening of d day.he brought me for a dinner..he allwed me to choose d place n wat type of food to eat..hehe..i m not dat 'pisau cukur' who will take advantage over some kindness..hehe..so, i just chose a very simple n nice place for dinner..

then, i cud hear 'azan mghrib' (call for evening prayer)..so i told him dat i need to perform my prayer..he understood my condition as a malay Muslim..hehe..he brought me to one of the prayer places and waited for me outside..i was afraid dat he might ran away and leave me there..but i didn't happen luckily..:)...

we met several times and i was so comfortable with him..since then, i kno dat a chi guy is more romantic n nicer than a malay guy..huhu..so sad...huhuhu..

ok,back to our main story line..hehe..diz chi guy frm PR asked my pic (as e/one does)..actually i m a bit afraid to give some face pic since i m discreet n i m not dat hot compared to him lor..huhuhu..

but i traded my pic and he traded his too..hmm..wow guys, he is too way so handsome n hot..hahahahaha..seriously..hehhe...

time goes by and we chated almost every night until i asked bout r/ship...sex preference and alike..i just kno dat he has s/one currently in progress..arghhhhh...damn..hahaa..missed my chance again..

i'ts ok, coz at least he has told me bout dat n being honest..huhuhuhu..and i m used to it..hmm..i cud kno frm his words,languages dat he is a nice person compared to others that i've ever known...hmm..i did ask whether he will cheat his future bf..and diz was his words:-
"if I got him, no (cheat)"
"I really into diz guy"
"he is my type and he willing to continue with me"
"hard to find s/one like him"

wow..i m touched..hahaa..hhuhu..i wish s/one cud say doz words to me..dat he is into me and he loves me just d way i am..huhuhu..

this guy deserves for happiness..i wish him for a happy days ahead with his future bf..and i wish for s/one to appreciate me as dis guy does for his future bf..huhuhu..

quoting words frm a femes song:-

"...Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too..."

even though i might not kno dis guy completely but i kno he is a gud person..and i wish dat his future bf wud appreciate him as mush as dis guy loves him..arghh..wat a romantic story to tell..hmm..

neway, it's not my love story..hahaa..huhu..just to express dat i share d feeling of dis couple..waaaaa..hahahaha...(b4 my tear drops,i shud end diz entry..huhu)

so, i guess my turn is not come yet.and i still hoping for it...and back to reality maaa..hahaha..

a nice song for u guys below 'akhiri penantianku' plz end up my endless waiting..hmm:-
Bye and Happy Chinese New Year..:)